Software Engineer

Versatile and Innovative Software Developer

A versatile and innovative Software Developer with excellent interpersonal skills and proven effectiveness on cross-functional teams. A hard working, inquisitive, well-trained professional who takes pride in solving complex problems.

Technical Specialties


JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Perl, C#, Shell Script, PHP, XQuery


jQuery, jVectorMap, AngularJS, Perl CGI, PHPExcel


MongoDB, HBase, Emacs, Oracle's Berkley DB XML, MySQL

Portfolio Item

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) M.S. Information Technology, Software Design B.S. Computer & Systems Engineering, Computer Science

  • 2006 Student Researcher @ University of South Florida

    Developed C++ code based on "Zones method" that incorporates shortest-path algorithms to determine the best route for exploration through a graphic representation of system complexity.

    Designed novel data structure and operations in C++ to represent the difference bound matrix.

    2008 Software Engineer @ AMD

    Developed the Automated Characterization Environment (ACE), an application that automates the testing processes of hardware. Development of ACE was done using Visual Studio 2008 with C#. Designed the data access layer, including stored procedures, through SQL Enterprise Manager.

    Facilitated joint effort between teams to develop a common API to access low-level code libraries.

    Also contributed to the development of Net Tool, an application that performs user-defined rule checks on a motherboard. Significantly decreased bugs by developing auto testing functionality to aid developers.

    2010 ISE @ AT&T

    Collaborated on the Integrated Software Environment, an online alert management application that graphically represents remote file system architecture. Used YUI 2.0 framework for GUI development, HTML5 for drag-and-drop capabilities and WebKit CSS for graphical transformation. Incorporated Oracle's Berkley DB XML for alert database storage.

  • 2011 MCOI @ AT&T

    Development of Mobility Community of Interest (MCOI) Visualization, an online application that helps fraud analysts identify telephone numbers most often called by suspected fraudsters.

    Utilizes internal AT&T Research technology to generate an infograph representing the suspect's COI.

    Uses Perl CGI and jQuery for data presentation and graphical zooming.

    2012 CCS @ AT&T

    Led the client-side development of a release for the Consolidated Compliance System (CCS). Worked closely with project management, technical team lead and clients to architect business requirements and engineer a process work flow. Also led the development and deployment of a subsequent CCS release.

    This deployment included a completely new technology base (from a Java Web Start framework to a purely web-based solution using HTML and PHP)

    and re-designed database schema. Led weekly status meetings with developers to discuss current requirement gaps and technical hurdles. Trained new developers and testers. Presented new interface and functionality to end users in the National Compliance Center (NCC) via technical demos.

    2014 ELEAT @ AT&T

    Augmenting the Electronic Law Enforcement Activity Tracker (ELEAT) application with surveillance intercept automation. Developed 4 new interfaces in Perl and a web interface for direct node access. Took BVoIP development over from previous developer after his abrupt leave and was still able to deliver top quality code ahead of expected completion deadline.

    Undergone several initiates to improve ELEAT code infrastructure:

    Effort to re-design dated ELEAT web interface using HTML, JavaScript and jQuery for faster response time, enhanced usability and ease-of-use. jVectorMap API was used to generate an interactive SVG map based on node longitude/latitude information. Markers on map are updated in real-time using Ajax.

  • 2015 Project Frugality Dashboard @ AT&T

    Project Frugality looks at how cell site construction is conducted in 25 initiatives and determines if the implementation is meeting the expectations of Big Data C&E leadership, who gathers requirements and assumptions surrounding cell site construction. Completed deliverables given very ambitious deadlines. Led development efforts and data ingestion work flow process. Led discussions with data ingest developers and product owners.

    Overall savings of ~ $1B just for 2016.

    2013 Parent Locator Service @ AT&T

    PLS allows state child support services to request information about “delinquent” parents. Led technical discussions with various state agencies to integrate their systems onto PLS. Worked against aggressive schedule and continually met milestones and deliverables. Coordinated activities among state clients, AT&T Subpoena Center, production support and firewall team to on-board several new state agencies.

    Drastically reduced agency onboarding time from 6 months to 1 week

    by leveraging Voltage SecureMail; this displaces the need for complex SSH/firewall rule configuration and eliminates the need for state client to set up a dedicated server.

    2016 Fraud Analysis and Service Order Tracking and Reporting (FASTR) @ AT&T

    FASTR tracks correlations between personnel that sell Internet service and Direct TV products and abnormalities or irregularities in the order and/or billing processes. Works by applying Potential Fraud Group (PFG) rules that describe a potential fraud pattern. It looks for PFG violations in the billing data and generates alerts.

    Leading the effort to redesign legacy FASTR application using JavaScript (AngularJS), HTML, CSS with Java and MongoDB for data access.

    The new design is a fraud case management system that allows the users to look through transaction data to sift out the benign fraud alert from the serious ones. Implemented several query form pages to search through data, implementation a novel configuration-based page generation solution.

My Inspiration

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    Optimism, enthusiasm and eagerness to mentor others.

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    Jack Bauer

    Willingess to sacrifice for the greater good and results driven approach.

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    Wile E. Coyote

    Endless determination, creativity and innovation.

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    Pac Man

    Uses what little he has to solve problems.

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    Speedy Cerviche

    Leadership and management abilitiy, fearless when faced with a problem.

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    Sailor Moon

    Fights her enemies with the power of love.

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